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tirsdag 15. juni 2010

Solomon's-seal - Macro #1

Tuesday edition: Open theme

Also named David's-harp and Ladder-to-heaven
(Storkonvall/Kong Salomos segl - Polygonatum multiflorum)

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7 kommentarer:

M and D, Norway sa...


Coffeeveggie addict. sa...

nice capture and color

Rune (Bildebloggen) sa...

Lekkert, det kommer mange fine blomster fram nå, deilig tid vi er i med de flotteste farger og lys.

Anonym sa...

I would like this paining on my wall.
Have a sunny day, mine is chilly, windy and rainy, but everything else is just fine fortunately :)

Anonym sa...

Sorry t - letter have dropped into the sea during the journey, it should of course be "painting" !!

Dani sa...

lovely photo..

haha..i thought this is a lilly of the valley. i have a shot of the same flower and just now i realized i was wrong. well, now i see i know nothing about the names of the flowers.
thank you

Anne sa...

Æ daue!!! dette minner om noe helt annet du. Noe det jobbes med hos oss hver tirsdag (altså på sykehuset, ikke så kalenderstyrt her i huset, *knis...*) når prostatae skal undersøkes, he he

"Ladder-to-heaven"??? ladet til himmelen???