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torsdag 11. februar 2010

Autumn - Sepia Scenes # 2

For more sepia images please visit Sepia Scenes

5 kommentarer:

Leora sa...

Now that is a beautiful treatment of a photo - what a splendid tree, from a grand angle.

Ralph sa...

The tree is full of old sepia leaves. The color is lovely, and we admire the leaves not because they will fall to earth soon for winter. We find them beautiful because they are - a tree full of leaves is always a pretty sight!

Carletta sa...

Great perspective from the ground up and your tone of sepia is a beautiful treatment to the autumn scene!
Round The Bend.

Anonym sa...

Mmmm, very warm - Love Autumn & this is beautiful!

Spiderdama sa...

Dette likte jeg godt! Veldig vakkert og flott lys:-)
Ha en strålende dag!