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onsdag 24. februar 2010

Railwaybridge - Sepia Scenes # 4

Railwaybridge over Drammenselva - Bragernesløpet

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6 kommentarer:

maryt/theteach sa...

Great sepia tone for the railway bridge, Irene! thanks for participating! :)

Ralph sa...

I like the steel bridges I have seen here. This is a lovely bridge, even if a large metal thing. The arch is great, its arc looking nicely with the straight lines that are also part of it. This is a nice picture, the sepia making the steel look warm and elegant. Nice!

Anonym sa...

All good Irene but the first one wins the prize.

Anonym sa...

Nice processing!

Marice sa...

these are really nice :)

u may view mine here

kaye sa...

love the lines of the bridge--the sepia makes the steel look strong.
Kaye—the road goes ever ever on