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tirsdag 12. januar 2010

On the road to Hemsedal

All images taken 2009.12.30 from the car while my hubby is driving us to Hemsedal .... I will take you along the road, through a landscape that is quite familiar to me ....
We started in Drammen .....

15 km from start .... Mjøndalen bridge south, looking up to "masta" on "Solbergfjellet"

 15 km from start .... Drammenselva (river) and Mjøndalen old bridge

20 km from start .... Horgen in Eiker

22 km from start .... Hokksund. Looking west .... "Knuten" in Kongsberg can be seen

 22 km from start .... Dramdal - Knive, Øvre Eiker

 The Barn at "Dramdal"

34 km from start .... Verp, Øvre Eiker. View to Åmot (west) in Modum

47 km from start .... Vikersund, Modum (just passed my birthplace)

 54 km from start .... Sysle, Modum

57 km from start .... Sysle, Modum. The moon is rising, the sun is soon going down

60 km from start .... Drolsum, Modum. The mountains can be seen - Eggedalsfjella and Norefjell

63 km from start .... Kløftefoss, Modum

70 km from start .... Krøderen. The old railway ends here.

80 km from start .... Noresund, Krøderen
 "Gamle Mester" - "Old Master" - 1000 year old oak tree

Noresund, Krøderen - The lake "Krøderen"

94 km from start .... Lake "Krøderen" - View to the mountains "Vassfaret"

100 km from start .... Still driving along Lake "Krøderen"

109 km from start .... Gulsvik, Lake "Krøderen" .... almost in the north end

120 km from start .... Flå, "blue hour" .... moon has climed over the hill

More ice sculptures

Slow traffic .... more than two hours in the car. It's getting dark and boring!

Nesbyen next .... the moon is following us 

153km from start .... Nesbyen .... It's getting colder too (-22 C)

Nesbyen and still 58 km to go

After this I just made a few shots of the moon - too dark to take more pictures. Sorry I couldn't show you the whole way up ....  maybe some other time

6 kommentarer:

Anne sa...

Ohoi, arti serie da gitt :-) knipser i fart du, eller en særs tålmodig mann bak rattet....??

Riet sa...

Wow beautiful pictures Irene. I don't think I can pick a favorite or mayve the tree with all that snow. Wonderful

Ida sa...

En fantastisk reise gjennom dine flotte bilder.
Vakkert! :)

Spiderdama sa...

Flotte bilder alle sammen:-)

Pål Espen Husøy sa...

Morsom dokumetasjon av turen til Hemsedal. Mange flotte bilder.

Fotothessa sa...

Oi oi oi! Kanonflotte vinterbilder:)