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mandag 16. november 2009

Svalbard from the air

View from the cockpit

Just after takeoff




All pictures taken June 2008 from the cockpit of Boeing 737 (SAS). The pilot made the crossing over Svalbard as a sightseeing, flying quite low. It was so beautiful and I almost climbed out of the window with my camaera :o)

5 kommentarer:

michael bird sa...

Cold and beautiful stuff.

John sa...

Meget fin serie du har fanget her.

ElinSire sa...

Fantastisk serie! Alldeles nydelig.

Kine sa...

Ikke mange som kan skilte med sånne bilder. Utrolig flotte!

Linda sa...

Absolutely stunning! It's my life's dream to visit Svalbard. Never mind Hong Kong or Dubain or New York - I want the far North!